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About Natasha Murray


I have been teaching exercise and helping people to lose weight in the Merton area since 2007


I myself have lost 3st 7llbs and have kept it off. I have helped others do the same & I can help you too.


In 2005 I joined my local Rosemary Conley diet & fitness class because I was desperate to lose weight; I had 3 young children & the pounds were piling on. I felt huge & miserable having previously yo-yoed with other diets but never managing to keep it off. This time with the exercise included in the package I knew it was something I could do for life. I changed my eating habits, exercised regularly & just kept turning up to class each week.


2 years later I did my Exercise to Music qualification followed by the Rosemary Conley diet & fitness training. I was running my own classes & loving every moment.


Under FITNESS WITH NATASHA I continue to run fun exercise classes with a healthy eating plan to support those who want to lose weight or just feel healthier.


I am very lucky to be part of a huge network of fellow instructors who share the same passion for a healthier lifestyle; we stay up to date with the latest nutritional information and fitness trends by attending regular training events, sharing ideas and supporting each other.

I am also very grateful to have Annie on board. 


Annie writes -

  • My Healthy Eating plan

  • The 'Talk Topic' on the newsletters

  • The recipes on the newsletters

Annie has the following qualifications -

  • Trained chef

  • Nutrition degree (passed with honours)

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coach

  • Weight Loss Management Diploma

  • Fitness Instructor

And is about to embark on a Science of Nutrition course.

Because I think she is an inspiration, I have asked her to write a bit about herself.

What to Expect at a Class

  • Confidential weigh-in
  • A great exercise class – EXERCISE ONLY OPTION AVAILABLE
  • Nutritional advice
  • 5 minute Motivational talk
  • 45 minutes of exercise
  • The opportunity to meet others who are in the same boat

Fitness Pilates.

  • A stress free zone

  • 55-minute class

  • Strengthen your core

  • Increase flexibility

  • Help balance

About Annie Edmunds

I am your nutritionist & food planner.

As you can see from my before and current photos opposite, I have been there, done it and got the tee-shirt.

To date I have lost 22 stone, and I am still a work in progress.

There are no excuses I haven't heard before.

I have used them all myself, so I understand the difficulties.

I am not one of those stick thin experts. I am still in this with you, a busy mum with two teenage children and a husband.

I previously worked as a chef for 15 years before I came into the health and fitness industry, hence I offer you 8 recipes a month as part of your plan which have all been tried and tested on my guinea pigs (you call them family!)

I studied for a nutrition diploma in 2014, and passed with distinction. I wanted to help people like me who felt the experts I saw didn't relate to us at all. Most of them had never had a weight problem and had no clue about the emotions attached. I even had a dietician telling me to stop frying all my food!

I lost 15 stone on my own but I then realised the importance exercise was going to have to play in the rest of my weight loss journey. I found a lady just like Natasha, (a colleague of Natasha's) and discovered I love aerobics and fitness. So much so, that I qualified as a fitness instructor in 2015.

My healthy eating plan helps you to cut out those harmful sugars and concentrate on going back to basics, cooking in the way our grandparents did - meat (or vegetarian substitutes), lots of vegetables, a little fruit and a little carbs. Good old fashioned healthy eating!

Combine that with the fantastic exercise and motivation you will receive from Natasha in classes and you will find we are the full package. We will help you become the person you know you really are!

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